Beard REMEDY is an oil specifically designed for ultimate beard health and appearance. Used for smoothing, controlling unruly hairs, minimizing ingrown hairs and under beard bumps; it also works great for preventing dry and chaffed skin even under the thickest of beards. Keep hairs in place while smelling great all day long! The original scent is 100% natural and safe enough to eat. Rub some into a mustache and onto lips for smooth skin all over.

Beard REMEDY contains full-spectrum FEHO CBD with no harmful chemicals or substances. Full of fatty acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and Triglycerides to maximize skin and hair health. Fast absorbing, non-clumping, great smelling, and non-greasy, Beard REMEDY is the most natural product on the market for men’s facial needs. Can be used to control, shape, and smooth other body hair areas! *Do not use near eye area without caution*

Usage Recommendation

  • Each bottle of Beard REMEDY contains 250 mg of full-spectrum FEHO CBD
  • Start with a small amount and rub into the desired area
  • Comb or massage as needed
  • Use daily for maximum benefits
  • Safe for use in sensitive areas

To use as s a beard mask: Apply a full dropper to beard hair and under skin, massage until even; leave in overnight. Wash thoroughly in the morning, comb, and trim. Reapply a few drops and massage gently if needed.

INGREDIENTS: FEHO CBD, MCT Oil, Almond Oil, Essential Oils

CBD is referred to as a natural compound and we highly encourage educating yourself before supplementing your own natural reserves. Keeping the body in perfect essential, learn to live to your body's full potential and regain quality of life! Use daily for maximum benefits.