CBD for Headaches

We have all experienced it at one time in our lives, in varying proportions, headaches are a medical condition that has been with man from the beginning and is still with man.

Our first call to action when we experience an episode of a headache will either be to take an aspirin or something stronger like Ibuprofen. While there’s nothing wrong with our traditional drugs for headaches it's just putting off the inevitable.

It is without a doubt that there could be a hundred reasons why your head hurts and to what magnitude. 

 This post is not to talk about headaches in general but offer a better alternative to over the counter (OTC) drugs used in the treatment of headache episodes.

The truth is, our brain doesn't feel pain. Now you might be asking, "how do I then feel headaches if my brain doesn't feel pain?" what's making me feel all this pain up there?

Research has it that the reason why physical pain occurs in the head is as a result of inflammation in some of the blood vessels coordinated with the cranium or the release of neurotransmitters that trigger the pain receptors in the central nervous system.

Over the counter (OTC) drugs work by blocking or inhibiting the pain receptors called prostaglandin. However, while this might reduce the headache in the short term it is hazardous when it's taken every day. Prostaglandin is an essential chemical that helps dilute the blood vessels in the kidneys, so continually taking painkillers will drastically reduce the production of prostaglandin which will, in turn, lead to kidney disease and even worse kidney failure.

Fortunately, there's a better and natural alternative for headaches. CBD also referred to as Cannabidiol is an extract of cannabis that has been linked to several ailments including headaches. What makes CBD so unique is that it has no side effects and can't be overdosed when trying to create the relief you desire without you worrying about any impending health conditions in the future